March 31, 2009

Brit Blogger/NYRPS/PPI

Didnt write yesterday for brit so here I go. I wasnt even sure if I was going to be playing in this due to going with rambler to see citifield for their first game. Had a good time there and even at the stadium got tickets for the mets first offical game there facing boston on friday so that should be fun, but anyway back to poker. We left there I got home and was watching the basketball game got disinterested since pitt was out and bracket was distroyed. Good decision on my part because I made it to final table and placed 3rd. The big hand for me was when I hit a set of aces to my opponents set of 6's on the flop. Final hand for me was vs the winner of the tourney Buddydank when I had top pair vs his over pair. Got some money out of it nothing huge but something and vaulted to 13th place in bbt points

NYRPS now I am the overall champion. Yay me. I know from what I heard last year whoever won the title last year only played and won the main event so I wanted to be the victor of this since I held the lead in it for basically the entire time only being 2nd for two weeks. It was a 33 tourney so not too cheap but manageable. The big hand was vs theslinger when he was chipleader I was middle stack and I flop 2 pair to his baby set. The turn hits me huge and I got the 2nd nuts getting my boat and we got all the chips in. I was scared cause with my luck he had the top nuts but he didnt and I basically just coasted to 4 people. There was one person there who could take me out of the title which was ferris but he bubbled on money and points sealing me the title. I went out 3rd when the deck became ultra cold and didnt get anything worth playing and just got blinded down. Still made 103 bucks and 50 from rambler for being series player of the world :)

PPI didnt have much going for me. Was getting a lot of respect folds to me but I also had hands so I guess its good and bad in a way. Hand that took me out I was holding aces in the bb with a guy raising into me I repush a good amount it was 80/160 blinds he bets 3 times to 480 i reraise to 1320 or something around that he instacalls. Flop looks nice for me as its low cards and rainbow no real straight threat either so I bet he calls turn blank for anything again so I go all in and he has a set of 6's knocking me out in 36th.

So overall not too bad of the last 2 days of poker. Tomorrow is skillz which is stud so I hopefully do good in this since I think Im pretty good in this game. Cya all tomorrow night

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