April 29, 2010

This week in blogger tourneys

Hi. This week I didnt win either tourney but I did have decent runs. In the money tourney I finished in the mid 20's which is decent but no cash. That tourney didnt really have much to note about, just played the cards how they were and busted out on a hand that was a coinflip nothing I can do.

The mookie I managed to finish in 7th place so I made some money which was good. The final 2 tables I didnt get a single hand better then king 6 suited which was shocking since it was about 60 hands, cue violin music. I managed to just claw and kick my way into making the final table so its a step in a positive direction.

Congrats to hoy for winning on monday and as for the mookie winner Im not sure who you are but it was like watching a trainwreck. The plays made were beyond crazy and made me wonder whats going on here. Hey whatever works for ya, as you got the seat and I dont have one as of yet.

Turtle Out.

April 22, 2010

The Mookie 4/21/10

Last night saw the biggest mookie tourney ever, 122 people. Its a nice comeback for a tourney that was having a semi-hard time breaking 40. I didnt fair so hot in the tourney going on in the 90's when my set of queens got run down by a runner runner flush to cripple me and then my ace queen lost to an 8 7 again by runner runner flush. What can I do there. Congrats go to aquaman, aka xkm, for getting his seat into the Tournament of Champions.

Also Congrats are in order for Pushmonkey, Rambler, and everyone else that got invites into the freeroll events. Even though I didnt get one I'm not upset about it since I know I'm still the new kid on the block when it comes to the blogging community so wasn't expecting to have my name called for it. Either way I still wish everyone thats doing those freerolls luck and no bad beats, but you know those will happen.

Until next time. Turtle Out

April 15, 2010

Starting a New

Hi again. I havnt posted in a while so I figured I would start now since the news of the BBT5 is offical now. I have to thank AlCantHang for again providing the blogger community a chance to be able to play in the biggest event of the year, the WSOP. When the last BBT came around I was fairly new to the blogger community and to the people playing the tourneys on a regular basis. I hope that since the last BBT I have made a better impression on people then I did last year. I know that the people playing the Mookie and listen to Buddy Dank Radio will know me as Turtle from the peanut gallery. I try to ad what I can to that show and I have to thank everyone doing the show for letting me be on it on a regular basis and to deal with my crap and of course Ramblers. I will be writing more frequent about my poker playing and just other stuff in general. I hope to hear your comments and possible ideas for things people want me to talk about