April 29, 2010

This week in blogger tourneys

Hi. This week I didnt win either tourney but I did have decent runs. In the money tourney I finished in the mid 20's which is decent but no cash. That tourney didnt really have much to note about, just played the cards how they were and busted out on a hand that was a coinflip nothing I can do.

The mookie I managed to finish in 7th place so I made some money which was good. The final 2 tables I didnt get a single hand better then king 6 suited which was shocking since it was about 60 hands, cue violin music. I managed to just claw and kick my way into making the final table so its a step in a positive direction.

Congrats to hoy for winning on monday and as for the mookie winner Im not sure who you are but it was like watching a trainwreck. The plays made were beyond crazy and made me wonder whats going on here. Hey whatever works for ya, as you got the seat and I dont have one as of yet.

Turtle Out.

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