March 31, 2009

Brit Blogger/NYRPS/PPI

Didnt write yesterday for brit so here I go. I wasnt even sure if I was going to be playing in this due to going with rambler to see citifield for their first game. Had a good time there and even at the stadium got tickets for the mets first offical game there facing boston on friday so that should be fun, but anyway back to poker. We left there I got home and was watching the basketball game got disinterested since pitt was out and bracket was distroyed. Good decision on my part because I made it to final table and placed 3rd. The big hand for me was when I hit a set of aces to my opponents set of 6's on the flop. Final hand for me was vs the winner of the tourney Buddydank when I had top pair vs his over pair. Got some money out of it nothing huge but something and vaulted to 13th place in bbt points

NYRPS now I am the overall champion. Yay me. I know from what I heard last year whoever won the title last year only played and won the main event so I wanted to be the victor of this since I held the lead in it for basically the entire time only being 2nd for two weeks. It was a 33 tourney so not too cheap but manageable. The big hand was vs theslinger when he was chipleader I was middle stack and I flop 2 pair to his baby set. The turn hits me huge and I got the 2nd nuts getting my boat and we got all the chips in. I was scared cause with my luck he had the top nuts but he didnt and I basically just coasted to 4 people. There was one person there who could take me out of the title which was ferris but he bubbled on money and points sealing me the title. I went out 3rd when the deck became ultra cold and didnt get anything worth playing and just got blinded down. Still made 103 bucks and 50 from rambler for being series player of the world :)

PPI didnt have much going for me. Was getting a lot of respect folds to me but I also had hands so I guess its good and bad in a way. Hand that took me out I was holding aces in the bb with a guy raising into me I repush a good amount it was 80/160 blinds he bets 3 times to 480 i reraise to 1320 or something around that he instacalls. Flop looks nice for me as its low cards and rainbow no real straight threat either so I bet he calls turn blank for anything again so I go all in and he has a set of 6's knocking me out in 36th.

So overall not too bad of the last 2 days of poker. Tomorrow is skillz which is stud so I hopefully do good in this since I think Im pretty good in this game. Cya all tomorrow night

March 26, 2009


Going to put all of these together since I forgot Skillz game and for the fact nothing exciting happened in any of them for me. Skillz game showed up about half hour late due to work. First hand I hold open ended straight draw and flush draw and get 3 bet into so I call but didnt hit. Basically after that nothing came and just got chipped away and lost.

Mookie basically was the same as skillz game as I didnt get many hands but the ones I did I either doubled up or got close to doubleing up. My final hand I got runnered runnered as jack 3 off takes me out near the middle.

Dookie I really was just messing around in when I got ace queen suited I decided that was the time to go all in because 3 other people went all in also. Shocking that kat's kings hold up since this is full tilt and all and kings never hold with 3 other people in pot.

So overall not a good few days after my deep runs in the PPI and NYRPS. I think I used my luck up for the week in those. Hopefully it comes back on monday and tuesday for the final push for the month's BBT points title.

March 24, 2009

PPI/Riverchasers and NYRPS

I had a pretty good night in both of these tourneys cashing in both. The NYRPS I got 2nd mainly through just doubling up at key points and trapping. Final hand I was pretty sure my jacks were good because Blyght was pushing people around at the final table but he out flopped me with his ace jack to take me out and win the NYRPS title. I increase my lead over Slinger who played but bubbled out of the money.

PPI was basically my normal start of just sitting there and looking at crummy cards. Hands I played though they either folded right away or gave me little value but I managed to stay above chip average for a while. Then I got my hands to give me chips as I flopped a set of queens to slay those aces finally. I also won a hand with my devil hand queen 5 in this tourney so I was thinking this could be my time to win.

I later trapped someone, forget who you were sorry if it was you please inform me and I will put you in, but I flopped trip queens and he pushed all in with ace 3 to basically give me 20k in chips next hand I take out points bubble with ace king to his ace 10. I was chip leader in 2 hands after being near the bottom go me :). I got to the final table looking pretty good as a middle stack. Instanttragety took it on himself to try and take everyone out which he was doing to 9th 8th and 7th. When I busted out I was the short stack which was about 14k with 500/1k blinds and I get ace jack off in the bb. Everyone folds to instant and he pushes all in. I think about it and even ask rambler what he thinks and decide to call because instant is a nit. He shows 7 5 suited and hits a 5 and I miss so he wins and im out.

In total entry fees cost 52 but I won tokens to get in so basically cost me roughly 35 to enter both these tourneys and end up winning in both a total of 160 so turns out to be a good day. Wish I won one of these more so the PPI cause of the BBT and more money nothing against ramblers but I think he would agree with me there lol. I will be playing tomorrows skillz game so I hope to see everyone there. Just hope I get home in time for the 1st hand lol

March 19, 2009


Mookie even without getting better then 10's the entire tourney managed to get into the points ending in 20th place. My final hand I held king 7 suited which was my best hand for basically 45 mins, which is very sad in my opinion. I get a caller of ace queen off and I get lucky on the flop and hit my king but he gets lucky on the river and makes his broadway straight and it busts me. Dookie basically same thing didnt get many hands but managed to get 8th out of 19 people as I busted out on the river again. I should invent/play if there is a game that only has a 4 card board. I wont be able to make it on sunday to the brit blogger game due to work but will be playing on mondays events so I hope to see everyone there

March 18, 2009

My Bracket Upsets

I will just go with upsets region by region

9 siena beating 8 ohio state
12 arizona beating 5 utah
11 dayton beating 6 west virginia
other then that only upset is 3 kansas beating 2 mich state in semis and having louisville winning

13 miss. st. beating 4 washington
11 utah st. beating 6 marquette
10 maryland beating 7 cal
and memphis beating uconn to get into the final 4

9 tenn. beating 8 ok state
11 vcu beating 6 ucla
1o minn. beating 7 texas
5 florida st. beating 4 xavier
3 villanova beating 2 duke
I have pitt winning this region

12 west kentucky beating 5 illinois
only upset in this bracket and I have North Carolina winning here

My championship game I have louisville vs pitt and have pitt winning the whole thing by 8 69-61

You can look at my bracket on

Hope to hear peoples opinions about this.

Skillz Game

If this tourney was held in the morning there was no way in hell I would be playing this. Woke up to the feeling of throwing up and did infact. I entered this tourney it was HORSE so I wasnt too sure how I would do for the fact that 2 games the high lows im pretty bad at and the other 3 I think im good at. Missed my chances to take out 2 people and collect the bounty when they hit case cards to survive. I wasnt doing that well before the first break barely getting to my starting stack. After that I basically went on a rush getting a bunch of chips and by the points break I was 2nd. I went into the final table as the short stack, but have won tourneys in this position most recent in NYRPS opening event. I was surviving and even busted 2 people on the final table. Then the luck went away as I ran into 125will who was playing like a man who just wanted to give up but kept getting lucky and was like screw it and continued to play. The hand that crippled me in the stud high low I was holding 9's under and 125 his high card was jack and ended up with the low and jd hit a king to make kings and I get under 10k. 2 hands later I hold split queens but cant win cause 125 hits runner runner straight and cracknaces holds 3 jacks which he got the case jack. I only had 2 pair and busted in 4th place netting 51.68. I hope its not a trend that I have to be sick the morning before I go deep in tourneys because the last 3 ive went deep in I was sick as a dog. If it is the case then im going to be sick for a while lol. Tomorrow is the Mookie hope to see everyone there and hopefully I dont come late as im working till close tomorrow which can mean possibly I get out at tourney start. In the morning I will be posting my upsets also for the ncaa tourney for you bracket people.

March 16, 2009

PPI/Riverchasers and NYRPS

Seriously I must of done something horrific in a past life to get the no luck in poker. Tonight in the PPI first hand I lose 1/3 my stack when I hold 6's to opponents aces and 8 hands later a donkey by the name of DavidClarke5 raises with 7 2 off and gets a boat and then with my luck cards come to make me a ace high flush and I get busted. NYRPS was basically dime rebuy and again my luck nothing going on for me LJ at one point in over 40 hands won 2/3 of them but she busted/gave her chips to NumbBono with his aces cause they should hold 80% like they should in legit poker. I guess I will start St.Patricks Day early and get my drink on because thats the only thing I get lucky with.

Back From Atlantic City

Got back from AC on friday, so this posting is a bit late but work got in the way. AC was a mixed of good and bad. I was down for the trip about 300 total. I did well in the cash games as there was a lot of bad players there from the wsop circuit event. The one time I got busted on the cash game was when I walked onto a table with basically too much money. There was on a 1/3 no limit cash game there was 3 people with over $1200 bucks. They were throwing money around but I couldnt catch a hand to basically make money. I played in 2 tourneys there one was a speed tourney which was way way too fast in live games you shouldnt have blinds at 25/50 blinds one time the next time blinds get to you its 100/200 then next time 400/800. I did survive to final 2 tables where my luck finally struck me as in a 4 handed all in It was I held aces and opponents has king ten, ace 7 and kings. Turn gives the kings its case set card and busts me. If I win I become chip leader with 2 to the money. Other tourney I did wasnt speed, but I never held a hand and got basically blinded out and pushed blind till I got called and busted. Blackjack wasnt good for me as the shoe was never kind when dealer had a 5 or 6 showing they got to 20 or 21 basically everytime. Also went to the Atlantic-10 tourney on thursday and watched the 2nd session which had dayton and duesquene winning their games. Tonight is the PPI/Riverchasers and NYRPS hopefully I get the luck and go deep in both.

March 10, 2009

Skillz game

Its offical I am a god of unluckyness lol. The game tonight was omaha and like I said I was practicing this game because im not that solid in it. I was doing well after first break got up to about 8k chips at the peak. I attempt to knock Julkeus when im holding aces and low cards one suited he had kings no suited and hits his king on the flop to put me basically at the bottom of the pile of 31 people. I hang in till 28 when I push with queens and 3 6 one suited I get knocked out to flopped straight when I flop a set and didnt catch up to double up. I know I keep harping on the fact Im getting beat, but the ways and unluckyness online is making me a bit loopy so please dont hold it against me. Tomorrow night I will not be playing in the mookie due to being in atlantic city so hopefully I get some luck there, but if I dont wouldnt shock me. Good luck to all in the mookie tomorrow.

PPI/Riverchasers and NYRPS

Not a very happy birthday for me in these tourneys today. Lost both tourneys with ace queen but in very different ways. PPI lucko was being lucko and flops a set and traps me when I hit an ace on the turn and im out pretty early in 48 started with 71. At the 1st break I was doing great and even lead the tourney, but after that just went completely south as my luck came back to me. NYRPS never really got anything started got knocked out in 7th out of 11 when LJ was playing a gutshot to my top pair and hits a pair on turn and gets the straight on the river. Ends my night early for both and caps off the day. Tomorrow night I will be playing the skillz game I think its omaha so not super excited, but been trying to tune my game up on that so lets see how that goes. See you all tomorrow night

March 08, 2009

Brit Blogger Tourney

Well I get 3rd in the tourney, but really an unhappy 3rd with the way I got knocked out. Too start out the final table I was the chip leader. I got extremely lucky vs lightning36 when he had ace 10 to my tens and board paired queens and jacks I hit the case ten to win. The final table was brutal beat after brutal beat. The hand that busted me I was in small blind with aces so i raise 3 times to 3k chips bb calls flop calls flop comes Kh, 3h, 8c. I bet 4k big blind calls so I know he got a piece of that flop. Turn comes 4 of diamonds. I push full stack in acting like I just want the pot now and he calls. I show my aces he shows his king queen off. Im a 9 to 1 favorite, but that doesnt matter on full tilt because queen comes on river and takes me out. If I win that pot I would have a 3-4:1 chip lead on both opponents combined. In my mind I know if I win I take the title and get my seat, but no luck for me as usual. I get 3rd which nets me 27 bucks but I wanted the seat and 1st place more then anything. Winner of the tourney was Nightranger who was the one who put this beat to me so forture was smiling on him today. Hopefully tomorrow in the NYRPS and Riverchasers I can do something deep again as it is my birthday so hopefully I can get a little lucky when I have the big hands. See you all tomorrow

March 05, 2009

The Mookie/Dookie

I finally cashed in this blogger tourney. Woot. It was a big field of 105 paying top 18. Got paid 50 cents less then I put up to enter but still didnt lose it all which im happy about. I was getting hit by aces left and right ending up facing them all in 3 times in the tourney losing to them but lucky to stay alive. Also faced kings 2 times and 1 time got lucky and hit a case 10 to double me up and keep me alive. The final hand I had was ace queen off flop comes ace king random low card I think im good here but im not and I ran into aces for the 3rd and last time. I cant do anything about it there and go busto. The dookie got 6th nothing too special about this tourney for me got knocked out on stud high/low with kings and 4 to a low vs trip aces. Listened to Buddydankradio, had a few drinks and finally cashed in the mookie makes me semi-happy for tonight. For waffles and Buddy mentioning my blog thank you and I hope to keep hearing what you guys think. Just nothing about my pants please :).

March 04, 2009

Skillz Game Stud High Lo

Played in tonights skillz game. The two times I entered this blogger tourney I did pretty good and cashed in both. Tonight totally different story. Didnt do so well after the first break and busted out early finishing 58 out of 73. Another one of my weaker games but still want to try and get that 2k for the wsop. Tomorrow night is the mookie and dookie hopefully tomorrow brings me my first cash in the mookie been close to getting to final table enough :). See you all tomorrow night

March 03, 2009

BBT 4/ NYRPS 3/2/09

I didnt have to work today plus with the snowstorm that hit my area did a bunch of nothing. I go play both the BBT and NYRPS events for tonight and listen to buddydankradio. Both tourneys didnt turn out so well for me. The BBT i wasnt getting any quality hands and basically was getting low on chips. I think it was at 80/160 blinds or 100/200 and in middle position I hold aces. I forget who opens the pot but he raises pot and me having about 1600-1900 area and I push all in other players fold to original raiser and he thinks for a bit and calls showing king queen of diamonds. Flop comes rainbow with 1 diamond. I think you can all tell what happens next and im busted to flush in the middle of the pack. I turn my attention to the NYRPS and its omahadraw sorry omaha high low. In the NYRPS I have the lead on the leaderboard there but this is by far my weakest game. I give it a shot and see how it goes. At a few points even though it was short lived I held the lead with a few people to go. In a hand that knocked me out I held ace ace 9 3 double suited and I decide to raise to try and just take the pot. The leader of the tourney and event winner of both tourneys heffmike who ran like a god calls. Flop comes 9 3 8 rainbow Im thinking im good I got 2 pair so I push and heffmike calls showing 8 8 for a set. Turn comes a 3 so I get another out but everything misses and im taken out in 6th place. Wasnt a happy camper about either knockout but Im getting used to it online because it seems to happen little too often, but I will keep on plugging. Tonight is the skillz game hopefully this I cash in because this one Ive done well in for the 2 times I have played. See everyone tonight

Introduction of Myself

Hello one and all. This is my first ever blog so if I sound like a moron, cut me some slack. Im your typical online poker player. I have a life outside the game so my life doesnt revolve around poker even though I wish it did. I have been playing the online blogger games now for about 3-4 months with not much sucess, but I hope this changes soon. My life outside of here is working as a birthday party host. I know that sounds pretty lame but gives me money to afford what I need which is gas, food, entertainment and to pay bills. The reason I decided to start this was for the fact that I think I can give good honest opinions of my play after I vent if I do lose and if I win can tell you how I was playing and what I was thinking. I hope this is a good introduction into myself.