March 16, 2009

PPI/Riverchasers and NYRPS

Seriously I must of done something horrific in a past life to get the no luck in poker. Tonight in the PPI first hand I lose 1/3 my stack when I hold 6's to opponents aces and 8 hands later a donkey by the name of DavidClarke5 raises with 7 2 off and gets a boat and then with my luck cards come to make me a ace high flush and I get busted. NYRPS was basically dime rebuy and again my luck nothing going on for me LJ at one point in over 40 hands won 2/3 of them but she busted/gave her chips to NumbBono with his aces cause they should hold 80% like they should in legit poker. I guess I will start St.Patricks Day early and get my drink on because thats the only thing I get lucky with.

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