March 24, 2009

PPI/Riverchasers and NYRPS

I had a pretty good night in both of these tourneys cashing in both. The NYRPS I got 2nd mainly through just doubling up at key points and trapping. Final hand I was pretty sure my jacks were good because Blyght was pushing people around at the final table but he out flopped me with his ace jack to take me out and win the NYRPS title. I increase my lead over Slinger who played but bubbled out of the money.

PPI was basically my normal start of just sitting there and looking at crummy cards. Hands I played though they either folded right away or gave me little value but I managed to stay above chip average for a while. Then I got my hands to give me chips as I flopped a set of queens to slay those aces finally. I also won a hand with my devil hand queen 5 in this tourney so I was thinking this could be my time to win.

I later trapped someone, forget who you were sorry if it was you please inform me and I will put you in, but I flopped trip queens and he pushed all in with ace 3 to basically give me 20k in chips next hand I take out points bubble with ace king to his ace 10. I was chip leader in 2 hands after being near the bottom go me :). I got to the final table looking pretty good as a middle stack. Instanttragety took it on himself to try and take everyone out which he was doing to 9th 8th and 7th. When I busted out I was the short stack which was about 14k with 500/1k blinds and I get ace jack off in the bb. Everyone folds to instant and he pushes all in. I think about it and even ask rambler what he thinks and decide to call because instant is a nit. He shows 7 5 suited and hits a 5 and I miss so he wins and im out.

In total entry fees cost 52 but I won tokens to get in so basically cost me roughly 35 to enter both these tourneys and end up winning in both a total of 160 so turns out to be a good day. Wish I won one of these more so the PPI cause of the BBT and more money nothing against ramblers but I think he would agree with me there lol. I will be playing tomorrows skillz game so I hope to see everyone there. Just hope I get home in time for the 1st hand lol

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