March 18, 2009

Skillz Game

If this tourney was held in the morning there was no way in hell I would be playing this. Woke up to the feeling of throwing up and did infact. I entered this tourney it was HORSE so I wasnt too sure how I would do for the fact that 2 games the high lows im pretty bad at and the other 3 I think im good at. Missed my chances to take out 2 people and collect the bounty when they hit case cards to survive. I wasnt doing that well before the first break barely getting to my starting stack. After that I basically went on a rush getting a bunch of chips and by the points break I was 2nd. I went into the final table as the short stack, but have won tourneys in this position most recent in NYRPS opening event. I was surviving and even busted 2 people on the final table. Then the luck went away as I ran into 125will who was playing like a man who just wanted to give up but kept getting lucky and was like screw it and continued to play. The hand that crippled me in the stud high low I was holding 9's under and 125 his high card was jack and ended up with the low and jd hit a king to make kings and I get under 10k. 2 hands later I hold split queens but cant win cause 125 hits runner runner straight and cracknaces holds 3 jacks which he got the case jack. I only had 2 pair and busted in 4th place netting 51.68. I hope its not a trend that I have to be sick the morning before I go deep in tourneys because the last 3 ive went deep in I was sick as a dog. If it is the case then im going to be sick for a while lol. Tomorrow is the Mookie hope to see everyone there and hopefully I dont come late as im working till close tomorrow which can mean possibly I get out at tourney start. In the morning I will be posting my upsets also for the ncaa tourney for you bracket people.

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