April 29, 2009


I am knocked out very early when I had a donkey hit a set vs me with my overpair. It was 40/80 blinds utg raises to 225 LGkiev calls and Im holding jacks reraise to 660 both of them call flop comes 6 8 9 2 spades all check I bet all in and guess who is holding 9's but LG. I find him on the other table he/she is moved to and I just put lucky then he goes
LGkiev: anytime someone hits a set vs a higher pair.. is it luck?
Of course its luck you moron. Oh well I guess I shouldnt be shocked since this month had been pretty crappy for me. Hopefully May is better for me and hopefully I dont run as crappy as I have been.

PPI/Skillz Game

Posting on these two tourneys since after the PPI I went to bed since I had a bunch of running around to do the next day. The PPI I either do well or just cant catch a thing and flame out. The 2nd thing happened to me when I went all in with 2 people with king high flush draw to queen high flush draw vs pocket 10's with board of jack ace and a low card nothing hit so I lost pretty early. Usually dont do this but was just like screw it either I triple up or get taken out since I wasnt high in chips to start with.

Skillz game I wasnt too happy since it was stud high/low. If you know my favorite and least favorite games this is on the bottom. I just dont like the fact that basically people can suck out hitting low cards while you have a set or something. I just went in like screw it going to have fun and not take it too serious. Beginning couldnt catch a hand to save my life the one hand that got me on my rush was vs MiamiDon and a 3rd person im forgetting. I had 6's under with king showing someone bet and we all called my 4th card was another 6 so I was pretty happy thinking I would win this again someone bets I reraise and calls by 6th street I had a fullhouse with kings and all the chips were in 3rd guy was on low draw and MiamiDon had wrapped 5's from the start and didnt improve. I vaulted into 2nd place and took 2 bounties.

From there I just played my normal razz game and my normal stud game and didnt mix them went with one or the other and I got to the final table. This was a big thing for me since this month ive only done 9 events and 1st final table and 2nd point so after a good march april was pretty crappy. A big hand on the final table was again 3 handed pot it was I got a flush vs 2 peoples 2 pair and I take down another 2 bounties and got myself into 2nd in chips behind BWOP. I then just was sitting for a while and when it was down to 4 I hit the unlucky streak of having 2 pair and losing on 7th street 2 times in 4 hands basically crippling me. I got 3rd overall so I should get some decent points.

I hopefully can keep the good run going because I really do need it. In the BBT so far have gotten 3 or 4 3rd place finishes and 1-2 mid of the pack for final tables. I want to just get the seat once and break through since I havnt won a blogger tourney besides NYRamblers. Also just want to cash in the mookie since the only other time I have I made -50 cents go figure lol. Hope to see everyone tomorrow night

April 20, 2009

The Big Game/PPI

I havnt posted in a while cause I havnt played much really due to work. The ones i played from my last post didnt really have anything good or horrid happen just nothing. The Big Game and PPI are different though

The Big Game I was thinking it was going to be a 75 tourney so I went and got a 75 token, but when I look I see its a totally different set up so kinda bummed about getting the token cause more then likely will sit until I get on a hot streak. But anyway not a good day at work, so wasnt in the greatest of moods to begin with. Play vs Twoblackaces one hand Im holding kings he raises to like 160 I reraise 3 times his bet. Flop comes 9 8 4 or something like that rainbow. I bet he calls turn blank I bet basically going all in and we have a showdown hes holding 9 8 offsuit so bad luck for me. I rebuy and do the add on and then I get into a hand blind vs blind im holding king 8 off flop comes k 7 3. I check he bets i call. Turn is k I bet he reraises I go all in he calls. He shows king 7 so im out very early and just am crushed about that

PPI. Today was a crappy day as it rained all day so I played the 26 token tourneys I played 2 and got 2 tokens so I was happy about that. I go play tonight and basically was sitting about where I was at the start. Jo comes onto the table with a hello shes a nice person so not going to say anything negative, but man when I play her she always beats me. Im holding ace queen mid positing Jo from 2nd utg raises I call and everyone else folds. Flop comes q q 7 we both check turn comes 6 she bets I call river 4 she bets I go all in she calls and she has pocket 7's so Im out in 36th.

I dont know what I did to piss off the luck gods or whatever a higher power is but man I need to just have a run of luck because I really really do need it. I cant keep running bad can I?

April 07, 2009


NYRPS was the tourney of champs was a freeroll. I got busted by a 3 outer as my ace queen got beat my ace 8 I think the hand was I know it was a ace and card from 9-6 area. Got knocked out in 9th so overall good run for me in NYRPS.

PPI was doing kinda what I always seem to do is get half my stack taken away cause of a calling station who cant give up a hand then just wait and grind it out till first break. Then 2nd break go on my lucky streak. Thats kinda what happened in the fact 10's are aparently good vs 2 overs and flush possible on board. Then basically got moved to another table got lucky to hit a 2 outer to make a higher full house on the river to give me some playing chips and just built from there. I got knocked out in 10th as ace 9 of clubs lost to ace 7 suited when it came 7 10 j with 2 clubs could catch up and lost.

Overall not too happy about my game tonight but did manage to get some points and money for my effort. I hope to see everyone tomorrow night.

April 05, 2009

Baseball Predictions

Play Ball. Baseball starts tonight and I will say here what I think is going to happen.

Al East- 1. Red Sox 2. Yankees 3. Rays 4. Bluejays 5. Baltimore
Al Central- 1. White Sox 2. Twins 3. Detroit 4. Kansas City 5. Indians
Al East - 1. Angels 2. Rangers 3. Oakland 4. Seattle

Nl East - 1. Mets(no collapse this year) 2. Phillies 3. Florida 4. Braves 5. Nationals
Nl Central- 1. Cubs 2. St. Louis 3. Reds 4. Brewers 5. Houston 6. Pirates
Nl West- 1. Dodgers 2. Arizona 3. Giants 4. Rockies 5. San Diego

Al Wildcard- Yankees
Nl Wildcard- Phillies

Al Champ series - Boston vs Yankees
Nl Champ series - Mets vs Cubs

World Series- Mets vs Boston

And my pick for the world champions is The New York Mets.

The reason I pick this besides being a Mets fan is I really think the major improvements in the bullpen will be the reason they go on this run. You have Putz as your set up man who is still one of the best relief pitchers in the game plus K-rod. Basically get it to the 8th inning with a lead its going to hold. Last year the mets were horrifically bad in finishing games so this is a major key for them.

Teams to watch this year.

American League- If you like watching car crashes watch some Baltimore baseball I think they will end up the worst team record wise in the majors. The team I think is on the uprise is Kansas City. They got some pretty nice young talent should be interesting to watch how they end up.

National League- Worst team for this league im split between Nationals and Pirates they are just way too young, but I will put Nationals ahead of Pirtates just for the fact Nationals have better pitching and they have some bats in Dunn and Zimmerman. Team on the uprise is the Reds. I really like their young outfielder Jay Bruce I think he is going to be a star. I also like their starting pitching its very young and yet they pitch like vets. Another team I like is the Marlins for the same fact I like their pitching staff and I like Uggla and Hanley. They get a few more pieces they can win a world series in the near future.

Let me know what you guys think.