April 29, 2009

PPI/Skillz Game

Posting on these two tourneys since after the PPI I went to bed since I had a bunch of running around to do the next day. The PPI I either do well or just cant catch a thing and flame out. The 2nd thing happened to me when I went all in with 2 people with king high flush draw to queen high flush draw vs pocket 10's with board of jack ace and a low card nothing hit so I lost pretty early. Usually dont do this but was just like screw it either I triple up or get taken out since I wasnt high in chips to start with.

Skillz game I wasnt too happy since it was stud high/low. If you know my favorite and least favorite games this is on the bottom. I just dont like the fact that basically people can suck out hitting low cards while you have a set or something. I just went in like screw it going to have fun and not take it too serious. Beginning couldnt catch a hand to save my life the one hand that got me on my rush was vs MiamiDon and a 3rd person im forgetting. I had 6's under with king showing someone bet and we all called my 4th card was another 6 so I was pretty happy thinking I would win this again someone bets I reraise and calls by 6th street I had a fullhouse with kings and all the chips were in 3rd guy was on low draw and MiamiDon had wrapped 5's from the start and didnt improve. I vaulted into 2nd place and took 2 bounties.

From there I just played my normal razz game and my normal stud game and didnt mix them went with one or the other and I got to the final table. This was a big thing for me since this month ive only done 9 events and 1st final table and 2nd point so after a good march april was pretty crappy. A big hand on the final table was again 3 handed pot it was I got a flush vs 2 peoples 2 pair and I take down another 2 bounties and got myself into 2nd in chips behind BWOP. I then just was sitting for a while and when it was down to 4 I hit the unlucky streak of having 2 pair and losing on 7th street 2 times in 4 hands basically crippling me. I got 3rd overall so I should get some decent points.

I hopefully can keep the good run going because I really do need it. In the BBT so far have gotten 3 or 4 3rd place finishes and 1-2 mid of the pack for final tables. I want to just get the seat once and break through since I havnt won a blogger tourney besides NYRamblers. Also just want to cash in the mookie since the only other time I have I made -50 cents go figure lol. Hope to see everyone tomorrow night

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  1. Nice playing with you last night.

    See you in June :-)