April 05, 2009

Baseball Predictions

Play Ball. Baseball starts tonight and I will say here what I think is going to happen.

Al East- 1. Red Sox 2. Yankees 3. Rays 4. Bluejays 5. Baltimore
Al Central- 1. White Sox 2. Twins 3. Detroit 4. Kansas City 5. Indians
Al East - 1. Angels 2. Rangers 3. Oakland 4. Seattle

Nl East - 1. Mets(no collapse this year) 2. Phillies 3. Florida 4. Braves 5. Nationals
Nl Central- 1. Cubs 2. St. Louis 3. Reds 4. Brewers 5. Houston 6. Pirates
Nl West- 1. Dodgers 2. Arizona 3. Giants 4. Rockies 5. San Diego

Al Wildcard- Yankees
Nl Wildcard- Phillies

Al Champ series - Boston vs Yankees
Nl Champ series - Mets vs Cubs

World Series- Mets vs Boston

And my pick for the world champions is The New York Mets.

The reason I pick this besides being a Mets fan is I really think the major improvements in the bullpen will be the reason they go on this run. You have Putz as your set up man who is still one of the best relief pitchers in the game plus K-rod. Basically get it to the 8th inning with a lead its going to hold. Last year the mets were horrifically bad in finishing games so this is a major key for them.

Teams to watch this year.

American League- If you like watching car crashes watch some Baltimore baseball I think they will end up the worst team record wise in the majors. The team I think is on the uprise is Kansas City. They got some pretty nice young talent should be interesting to watch how they end up.

National League- Worst team for this league im split between Nationals and Pirates they are just way too young, but I will put Nationals ahead of Pirtates just for the fact Nationals have better pitching and they have some bats in Dunn and Zimmerman. Team on the uprise is the Reds. I really like their young outfielder Jay Bruce I think he is going to be a star. I also like their starting pitching its very young and yet they pitch like vets. Another team I like is the Marlins for the same fact I like their pitching staff and I like Uggla and Hanley. They get a few more pieces they can win a world series in the near future.

Let me know what you guys think.


  1. You predict baseball as well as you play poker. Nuff said.

  2. so then im better then you waffles :)