April 20, 2009

The Big Game/PPI

I havnt posted in a while cause I havnt played much really due to work. The ones i played from my last post didnt really have anything good or horrid happen just nothing. The Big Game and PPI are different though

The Big Game I was thinking it was going to be a 75 tourney so I went and got a 75 token, but when I look I see its a totally different set up so kinda bummed about getting the token cause more then likely will sit until I get on a hot streak. But anyway not a good day at work, so wasnt in the greatest of moods to begin with. Play vs Twoblackaces one hand Im holding kings he raises to like 160 I reraise 3 times his bet. Flop comes 9 8 4 or something like that rainbow. I bet he calls turn blank I bet basically going all in and we have a showdown hes holding 9 8 offsuit so bad luck for me. I rebuy and do the add on and then I get into a hand blind vs blind im holding king 8 off flop comes k 7 3. I check he bets i call. Turn is k I bet he reraises I go all in he calls. He shows king 7 so im out very early and just am crushed about that

PPI. Today was a crappy day as it rained all day so I played the 26 token tourneys I played 2 and got 2 tokens so I was happy about that. I go play tonight and basically was sitting about where I was at the start. Jo comes onto the table with a hello shes a nice person so not going to say anything negative, but man when I play her she always beats me. Im holding ace queen mid positing Jo from 2nd utg raises I call and everyone else folds. Flop comes q q 7 we both check turn comes 6 she bets I call river 4 she bets I go all in she calls and she has pocket 7's so Im out in 36th.

I dont know what I did to piss off the luck gods or whatever a higher power is but man I need to just have a run of luck because I really really do need it. I cant keep running bad can I?

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