April 07, 2009


NYRPS was the tourney of champs was a freeroll. I got busted by a 3 outer as my ace queen got beat my ace 8 I think the hand was I know it was a ace and card from 9-6 area. Got knocked out in 9th so overall good run for me in NYRPS.

PPI was doing kinda what I always seem to do is get half my stack taken away cause of a calling station who cant give up a hand then just wait and grind it out till first break. Then 2nd break go on my lucky streak. Thats kinda what happened in the fact 10's are aparently good vs 2 overs and flush possible on board. Then basically got moved to another table got lucky to hit a 2 outer to make a higher full house on the river to give me some playing chips and just built from there. I got knocked out in 10th as ace 9 of clubs lost to ace 7 suited when it came 7 10 j with 2 clubs could catch up and lost.

Overall not too happy about my game tonight but did manage to get some points and money for my effort. I hope to see everyone tomorrow night.

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