March 18, 2009

My Bracket Upsets

I will just go with upsets region by region

9 siena beating 8 ohio state
12 arizona beating 5 utah
11 dayton beating 6 west virginia
other then that only upset is 3 kansas beating 2 mich state in semis and having louisville winning

13 miss. st. beating 4 washington
11 utah st. beating 6 marquette
10 maryland beating 7 cal
and memphis beating uconn to get into the final 4

9 tenn. beating 8 ok state
11 vcu beating 6 ucla
1o minn. beating 7 texas
5 florida st. beating 4 xavier
3 villanova beating 2 duke
I have pitt winning this region

12 west kentucky beating 5 illinois
only upset in this bracket and I have North Carolina winning here

My championship game I have louisville vs pitt and have pitt winning the whole thing by 8 69-61

You can look at my bracket on

Hope to hear peoples opinions about this.

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