March 26, 2009


Going to put all of these together since I forgot Skillz game and for the fact nothing exciting happened in any of them for me. Skillz game showed up about half hour late due to work. First hand I hold open ended straight draw and flush draw and get 3 bet into so I call but didnt hit. Basically after that nothing came and just got chipped away and lost.

Mookie basically was the same as skillz game as I didnt get many hands but the ones I did I either doubled up or got close to doubleing up. My final hand I got runnered runnered as jack 3 off takes me out near the middle.

Dookie I really was just messing around in when I got ace queen suited I decided that was the time to go all in because 3 other people went all in also. Shocking that kat's kings hold up since this is full tilt and all and kings never hold with 3 other people in pot.

So overall not a good few days after my deep runs in the PPI and NYRPS. I think I used my luck up for the week in those. Hopefully it comes back on monday and tuesday for the final push for the month's BBT points title.

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