May 29, 2009


waited a few days on these since these hurt a little bit when I got taken out in both. In the skillz game it was the story of basically running into things a tiny bit better then me on 7th street. It could of been earlier but who knows with the card switching which makes no sense to me. But out early in this and no points.

Mookie basically first hand was my high point with chips as I hit my flush and had an open ended straight draw to a persons set. The hand that took me out I knew the person I was playing vs didnt have an ace on a board of ace queen 6 I hold king queen. My king hits on the river but it also gives me a flush and thats what busts me. Just bad timing on that but again no points or cash in mookie but that im used to lol.

Sunday is the last day of the BBT and my last chance to win a tourney and get a seat which I would love to get. Like some people know I am going to vegas June 10-14 so if I do get lucky enough and win a 2k seat or more I would use it for a wsop event. Im really considering playing in either the 1500 no limit tourney on the 11th event 24 if people are looking for that or 1500 limit tourney on the 12th event 26. I hope that I get into the top 20 in points also since right now im #20. I hope to see everyone sunday.


  1. Yur doing it wrong. Write about it immediatly and with as much anger as possible.

  2. LOL. I might do that on sundays and for the future depending on how I do