May 05, 2009

PPI/Skillz Game

These tourneys for me sucked. It might sound like im either making this crap up or just bitching a bit too much, but im just really getting annoyed of how when I have aces and never seem to win and when I face aces I cant crack them. The PPI I had aces 2 times and lost to king queen and king ten, the king queen lost to trip queens and king ten to straight. Went out with queens vs aces.

Skillz game I lost when I flopped a set with another pair so I had some out but I ran into a flush and couldnt improve. Then when I go all in I have queens again vs aces and lose

Tomorrow night Idk if im going to be home from work but right now the way im running idk even if I do get home I would even play it since it would be a quick 11 dollar loss but who knows.

1 comment:

  1. Hang in there, you've got game...I think...

    Can't win every one you play, but if you're good, over time you will be profitable.

    Or just quit playing alltogether.

    Your call.