May 24, 2009

Mookie/Brit Blogger

Well im writing after the brit blogger tourney about these two. I did make points in both of these which is good but only 1 cash. With the Mookie I was playing a bit more loose then I normally do and it seemed to be working for the most part. Got a good double up when I had 10's vs 8's hold for me. Basically went out on a coinflip after I hit my over he hit his set.

Brit Blogger I thought I was finally going to break through and win a blogger tourney since I was on the end of hitting the 2 and 3 outers. I got 3rd once again which is kinda my high point in these since this is my 5th third place in this BBT. I was facing kat and jo so I was basically the odd person out so I was the bad guy lol. The hand that took me out was vs kat when she heald ace 2 of crubs and I had ace 4 of hearts and she hits a set of 2's to take me out in 3rd. Jo won the tourney so gratz to her.

With these 2 in the points I get into the top 20 so hopefully I stay there since the 25k of ftp would be nice so I can get either another jersey or just stockpile them up. Tomorrow night is the last PPI of the BBT so I hope to see everyone there.


  1. You better not have knocked me out of the top 20 young man. I may have to put in a good performance this last week to keep my top 20 status...

  2. gg & congrats on the cash, was fun!