May 12, 2009


Well today was a weird day. I was planning on going to the mets game with my brother since we wanted to see Santana vs Lowe. We were looking into the tickets online and saw a ton of seats still on sale so we figured we can buy them at the stadium since for the 15 dollar seats they had a 7.50 service charge which is pretty stupid. We get to the window the guy says the cheapest he has are 100 dollars. Keep in mind this was about 30 mins after we left the house with the computer saying 15 were on sale and in a big amount. We werent happy to see when we got back to his apartment that there was a giant section of seats that no one ever sat in. I find that to be complete bullshit. To top off this experience we got to talk to a guy and said how can they sell that much in that short of time and he went "Tough." Douchebag right there so screw it wont be attending as many games as I planned on.

Anyway back to the reason for the post. I got into the points of the PPI ending up in 11th place. I only played 8% of the hands I saw which if you know percents is pretty horrid. I usually play pocket pairs, suited connectors, big cards and once in a while bluff but still saw 19 flops out of 229 which is crazy. I got very lucky when I played king queen vs ace 9offsuit(I hate that hand sooooooo much) and rivered a straight to his set of aces. The only other hand I really pushed with was jacks vs king queen off and the jacks held for me. This is my first points in a while so im feeling alright just wish I got to have some more hands to play with because even though I play like that it gets annoying when other people get hands over and over and over again and you see 2 3 over and over and over btw not suited. Tomorrow I should be playing in the Skillz game hopefully I can do well again since I do want points but really want a win.

BTW I gotta thank Numbbono for his comment he gave me I know I cant win everyone but I get where you were coming from and I know it was words of encouragement so I want to thank you for that. Also I want to give a shout out to Buddy and Joananda for their engagement. Congratz :).

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