April 15, 2010

Starting a New

Hi again. I havnt posted in a while so I figured I would start now since the news of the BBT5 is offical now. I have to thank AlCantHang for again providing the blogger community a chance to be able to play in the biggest event of the year, the WSOP. When the last BBT came around I was fairly new to the blogger community and to the people playing the tourneys on a regular basis. I hope that since the last BBT I have made a better impression on people then I did last year. I know that the people playing the Mookie and listen to Buddy Dank Radio will know me as Turtle from the peanut gallery. I try to ad what I can to that show and I have to thank everyone doing the show for letting me be on it on a regular basis and to deal with my crap and of course Ramblers. I will be writing more frequent about my poker playing and just other stuff in general. I hope to hear your comments and possible ideas for things people want me to talk about

1 comment:

  1. You play the straight man to our idiocy, and Rambler plays the villian to everything on the show. It works out well.