April 22, 2010

The Mookie 4/21/10

Last night saw the biggest mookie tourney ever, 122 people. Its a nice comeback for a tourney that was having a semi-hard time breaking 40. I didnt fair so hot in the tourney going on in the 90's when my set of queens got run down by a runner runner flush to cripple me and then my ace queen lost to an 8 7 again by runner runner flush. What can I do there. Congrats go to aquaman, aka xkm, for getting his seat into the Tournament of Champions.

Also Congrats are in order for Pushmonkey, Rambler, and everyone else that got invites into the freeroll events. Even though I didnt get one I'm not upset about it since I know I'm still the new kid on the block when it comes to the blogging community so wasn't expecting to have my name called for it. Either way I still wish everyone thats doing those freerolls luck and no bad beats, but you know those will happen.

Until next time. Turtle Out

1 comment:

  1. xkm won???

    When I went to sleep, ChampSampson had a HUUUUUUGE chip lead in HU play.