June 10, 2010

Mookie and a super turbo rigged fest.

Hi all. This week mookie saw a little bounce back up to 3 tables which is around what it was before the BBT5. I got 8th nothing too special happening in it.

Now with the other tourneys my god I wonder sometimes if these things are set up for action boards. In one particular super turbo I saw 3 flopped quads and this gem of a flop

Im holding pocket 6's and im all in flop comes 7 6 4 two hearts
Guess what my opponents are holding?
One is holding pocket 7's the other one is holding 8 5.

I dont know if its just me or does that seem very very off based on the amount of hands I saw seeing that amount of big time hands in such a short period. I mean people rarely see quads once in a huge session and yet seeing 3 in the course of 160 hands something about this is puting me closer to the edge saying this isnt right. Its my opinion so Im not saying its fact just doesnt seem right.

If you agree or disagree please let me know I would want to hear opinions.

Next week I wont be playing the mookie since I will be going to Las Vegas for a few days. I will write a report about my trip when I get back.


  1. lol - IT'S RIGGED!!!!

    Kidding of course... but I saw the same thing last week... about 4 people had quads in a 500 hand session (only one against me vs a weak player that stacked me on a flopped flush vs trips)

    Funny how patterns arise out of the variance. You probably don't notice things like a 2 flopping 15 times in a row, or never flopping once in a session, but it happens. Quads are so rare that you notice every one.

  2. How was the trip to Vegas? Just got back from there myself - while at the tables I kept an eye out for a 2 flopping 15 times in a row!! (never happened)