July 08, 2009

Poker Talk Again

Hey one and all its me again coming out of my vacation of the blogging to start it up again. First off I did play some tourneys between my last posting and this but other then being gilgi in one of the mookies been basically same as it usually is missing out of the money or final table or hell both.

Tonight I decided to post just for the fact that I did well in tonight skillz game and basically losing a tiny bit of respect for Heffmike and his chat when we were heads up. Tonight it was horse and everyone knows im not a fan of the high low games, but tonight I kinda tried to not play them to the extent I do the other games and see how it works. Turned out to be a decent stragety like I said before getting 2nd.

With the heads up I had a pretty decent chip lead over heffmike I think it started out 3-1 me or something around that we played back and forth for a while he won hands I won hands. Then when I was shorty and started to catch he was getting mad in the chat, hell I did that in the past also but I was more pissed about my luck not the other person's play/luck, but when I was all in and doubled up I told him I had 2 pair, this is stud btw, by 4th street he goes ugh duh u think. Thats kind of a slap in the face just to be a jerk for no reason. I mean he caught cards on 7th street on me I just asked him did you catch on 7th. Numbs answer I like when I ask him but basically just being unsportsmanlike is dissapointing. I know hes a good player and all that but you got to be a good person as well. It took a smack of reality for me to go in this direction, something private and family only so please dont ask, but I mean not cool man.

This little blogger tourney community we have we shouldnt be hating one another or being nasty to each other for just how the cards fall. I know when I did that it was wrong and I told the person the next time I saw them I was sorry. I just hope this little rant might help and just show that im not annoyed or upset just disappointed and again lost a bit of respect for you Heffmike, not the poker player, but the man

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  1. You know, I'm really not trying to get you riled up like this.


    Not sure exactly what it was - and I don't think it really matters in the end - but FWIW, I enjoyed playing with you heads up and was surprised to see you didn't feel the same way.