June 02, 2009

Skillz Game

Tonight I got to play in this since I didnt have work. It was Omaha high low so basically Im going into it just to have some fun. Basically play a few hands and went out pretty early for me within 20 mins. I had a good hand on the flop. I had a set vs a super ultra wheel draw that got there not 1 time but both the turn and river so away I go. Tomorrow night I wont be playing in the Mookie due to work which im not liking working from 1130pm-6am then 10am-630pm next day so looking at a long cranky thursday night. I will be watching the Mookie before I go to work so I will be the railbird for the night. I know on BRD they were doing odds on players in the TOC of winning WSOP seats I just wonder what mine would be? If people want to throw odds for me to make it I would be interested. Hope to see and have a few people rooting for me on sunday.

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